Doug’s Disney Nascar Experience-2010

It is Friday and that means new vlogs! This week I got into the vault and found some old footage of Doug participating in a WDW NASCAR experience!  If you like the sound of a NASCAR then by all means turn it up!  Admittedly it is not the best footage in the world, but try … Continue reading Doug’s Disney Nascar Experience-2010


Disney Cruise Countdown!

Hey all! So we are 20 days away from our epic return to Disney Cruise Line! Woohoo! Doug and I are super excited!!  The last time we sailed on Disney was in 2013 on the Fantasy, we loved it, but one day while standing on deck 11 near the food court, I had the misguided … Continue reading Disney Cruise Countdown!

I hate drama and controversy…..but…..

So lately there has been some controversy brewing in the YouTube/Cruise Vlog community! This has caused me to want to address what should happen when you book a cruise with a travel agent....and what you should expect from your travel professional! And, what you should never do when booking a cruise with a travel agent;especially … Continue reading I hate drama and controversy…..but…..