Epcot Food and Wine Festival!

A little change of pace. Now ya all know I love Disney Cruise line!! But did you know I also love Epcot Food and Wine Festival?? Have you been? If not- why not?!? Serious question!! It’s so much fun.
Yes, it’s a lot of walking but the nice thing is it runs into Nov so you can go when it’s a little cooler. Hey- it could be! Lol. Seriously it most likely will be cooler.
So for those of you who have never been here- is a little info on it.
And I’ll include a link where you can go for more in depth info!!

Epcot Food and Wine Festival

The festival has food kiosks with tapa style dishes from around the world.
They have music at the America Gardens Theater called Eat to the Beat!  And you can purchase Eat to the Beat dining packages too! 
Some of the musical acts you can see are- 
Mercy Me
Kenny G
This is just three of the over 30 acts! 

There are culinary demonstrations, beverage seminars, Cheese seminars and other shows with guest celebrity chefs!  This year just to name a couple of the chefs- Cat Cora and Andrew Zimmern

The Festival runs from 8/29-11/23/2019
All day everyday. 
Price is the cost of admission to Epcot. 
Current rates for a one day pass are 
Florida residents have a 3 day special right now for $199 (adults)  one park per day 
1 park 1 day for all guests  
$109.00 adults
They also have a half marathon!! The Disney Wine and Dine half marathon!  

As you can see there is tons to do!! 
I hope you choose to visit Epcot and the Food and Wine Festival this year!!

Here is a link for more info.

What’s New?

Hey there! So things have been a little hectic in my world for the last few months! As you may be aware my brother, Rick, passed away last week. He has been sick with Pancreatic cancer since being diagnosed in late March. It was too quick and things have been chaotic. We are home now and learning to live our new normal.

So here we are! What is new around here? Well the vlogs that I had planned for this month have been altered a bit! We will have some travel vlogs on the YouTube channel started up here again soon. We will be going to New Orleans this coming week for a day or two. Of course I will get some vlogs for you!

Also, I am working hard to get a few group cruises put together for next year. If you have any suggestions on that subject please comment below! I hope to have at least 2 group cruises set for 2020!

I have started a mailing list for a newsletter. I would love it if you would sign up for it. I promise not to send you too many! I will keep them pretty short, just some ship/cruising fun and interesting info and current specials! Hope you subscribe by using the link above or this one right here!!

That is all! I hope you have a great day!

Live and Learn! (A story of customer service)

File this under- Live and learn! (I hope you give me a second chance!)

When I first started selling travel I was mostly concerned with getting clients. That was wrong thinking. I needed to concentrate on how I was going to give good customer service to the clients WHEN I got them! So that I could retain them! Well….. now I know. And I am constantly looking for better ways to offer value to my clients. I specialize in cruises. These are the clients I truly want to assist. Not that I won’t book your all-inclusive- I will!! Lol but Cruising is my Jam! I’ve lost clients over the years, I like to think it’s because I didn’t give them “something” they couldn’t have gotten without me. Not because of ME! So I now concentrate on what I can do for you that you can’t (or don’t want to) do for yourself- on board credit, insider info…..a welcome box of goodies ! And of course a stress free experience! I love my clients! I want them to feel the love AND the value of using my service! And let’s face it….. it’s FREE! So why not!? Lol

Oh and a little footnote to my story- I’ve used travel agents in the past for cruises. 1 person gave me a $25 on board credit. The other person, who worked for a much larger agency, gave me nothing.

And if you want GREAT perks – make the decision to join one of our group cruises! You’ll get some onboard credit and ,most likely, a cocktail party too! And maybe more…….. 😉. Lol

The days run together…… on a cruise!


And that is a good thing! My days always seem to run into each other! Things like time and schedules seem to disappear into a vast black hole- along with any problems, or annoyances, that my “regular” life may hold! Ya know, back there on land..….

Let me count the reasons I love cruising!

  1. Rolling waves under my feet
  2. Relaxation
  3. Lounge chairs and books
  4. Private balconies
  5. Daily make up and turn down service
  6. Those cute towel animals 57758381186__0c8297a2-ed12-43bf-adfd-68f034e0c10b
  7. Particular ice cream bars if on a particular cruise line mickey bars
  8. Particular cake if on anotherimg_2334
  9. Speaking of..foodimg_2622 one of our favorite dishes! French Onion Soup
  10. Big screen movies under the stars….img_2751
  11. Destinations

    12. Serenity (or any adult area)


I could go on and on…..these are just 12 of the reasons I love cruising!

Doug loves cruising for-

Guys Burgers and Quatro Formaggi


And free soda on Disney cruise lines! As well as the soft serve ice cream on all cruise ships!  And of course he loves those Mickey bars, especially when we order them as room service and they arrive in their fancy silver dome covered dish!

So now that you know just a few of the reasons I love to cruise, what are some of your reasons?

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Talk soon and happy sailing!