Why Use ME to Book your Next Cruise?

I would LOVE your business! It doesn’t cost you anything to allow me to book for you! There are some things I will automatically do for you and others that I will take care of based upon availability of your particular cruise and your desire- of course!

It’s a given that I will-

*Research the best cruises

*Get you the best rates

*Find a problem with your booking? I will do the work to get it all ship shape!! 🚢

Things I can try and make happen based upon availability-

*Get you a table for 2 at dinner

*Early dinner/late dinner? Anytime? I can take care of that.

It’s the small things-

*A little bit of on board credit for you to spend?

* A little surprise box in the mail before you sail- maybe- it’s a surprise! Lol 

*Make your cruise all about RELAX and not STRESS!  If there is an issue I’ll be your advocate! 


If you would like to get some cruise quotes or ask any questions related to cruising email me at christine@cruisingwithchristine.com

Find me on Facebook and Instagram at Cruisingwithchristine

Twitter @cruisevlogs

And of course check out my YouTube Channel !https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLAt7CdrQEl2Y-6m8H9I6IA

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