Story Time! You Learn Something New Everyday!

Hey everyone!! Okay this needs to be said and heard! Lol

Story time!

I spoke to a friend today, she gave me permission to use this story as long as I don’t say her name……. I promise Cathy!! Hahaha. That’s NOT her name. lol

Okay so “Cathy” called me today to ask me a question unrelated to cruising. During our conversation it came up that she is planning a cruise soon. Oops! She didn’t intend for me to know this…. she wasn’t using me to book her cruise.
I know you’re thinking “what kind of friend is that?!” Lol. Well, she IS a friend! And she had certain thoughts about using a TA- friend or not- to book her cruise vacation.

She was under the impression that I couldn’t, or wouldn’t, be able to do anything for her beyond what the cruise line could do… why not just call and book directly with them?

Here is what I told her-
I would LOVE your business! It doesn’t cost you anything to allow me to book for you!
*I can research the best cruises
*I can get you the best rates
*Find a problem with your booking? I will do the work to get it all ship shape!! 🚢
*Reminders along the way when things need to be done.
*I will keep an eye on things thereby stopping or correcting problems if/when they arise!
*You want a table for 2 at dinner- I can take care of that
*Early dinner/late dinner? Anytime? I can take care of that.
*Specialty dining? I can reserve that.
*A little bit of on board credit for you to spend? I will do that.
* A little surprise box in the mail before you sail- maybe- it’s a surprise! Lol
*Make your cruise all about RELAX and not STRESS! If there is an issue I’ll be your advocate!

Then I explained that if she had already booked she could still *transfer the booking to me and I can take care of everything for her.

Well In this case she hasn’t booked yet -but she was so happy I took the time to explain exactly what I can do for her and that it will cost her nothing.

So now my friend feels good about giving me her business and I’ll be sure to work hard to make sure she continues to feel good about her choice!

And I can do the same for you if you give me the chance!!

The End 💜

*if within the time limit set by the individual cruise line

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