Live and Learn! (A story of customer service)

File this under- Live and learn! (I hope you give me a second chance!)

When I first started selling travel I was mostly concerned with getting clients. That was wrong thinking. I needed to concentrate on how I was going to give good customer service to the clients WHEN I got them! So that I could retain them! Well….. now I know. And I am constantly looking for better ways to offer value to my clients. I specialize in cruises. These are the clients I truly want to assist. Not that I won’t book your all-inclusive- I will!! Lol but Cruising is my Jam! I’ve lost clients over the years, I like to think it’s because I didn’t give them “something” they couldn’t have gotten without me. Not because of ME! So I now concentrate on what I can do for you that you can’t (or don’t want to) do for yourself- on board credit, insider info…..a welcome box of goodies ! And of course a stress free experience! I love my clients! I want them to feel the love AND the value of using my service! And let’s face it….. it’s FREE! So why not!? Lol

Oh and a little footnote to my story- I’ve used travel agents in the past for cruises. 1 person gave me a $25 on board credit. The other person, who worked for a much larger agency, gave me nothing.

And if you want GREAT perks – make the decision to join one of our group cruises! You’ll get some onboard credit and ,most likely, a cocktail party too! And maybe more…….. 😉. Lol

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