My First Cruise on Carnival Breeze!


Here we go! This will be the first, of a series, on our Carnival Breeze cruise!

Jan and I cruised on the Breeze from April 20-27, 2019. This is my 19th cruise, 5th cruise aboard a Carnival ship.  My previous experience on Carnival has been, the Triumph, Liberty x 2, (Elation in Oct) and Sunshine.  My favorite so far? Sunshine for sure…Liberty is a close second.  So this is my first time on one of their larger, newer ships!  So what did I think?

Well, let me start with embarkation! We left out of Port Canaveral, this is my favorite cruise port by far! Whether we are sailing, Disney, Carnival, Royal, or NCL, we love leaving out of Port Canaveral! It is an easy port to leave from and it is a nice ride out. Each cruise line has their ways of doing things, but in general we never have much of a wait and things are pretty organized….with Disney leading the pack in having it together!

When we arrived there was a huge line ( you can see the line, and much more, by visiting my Youtube channel !)  but we still were on board within about 45 minutes, it would have been quicker but Jan got us in trouble and we were detained a bit!!  lol  Again, go to the channel to hear what happened.    Trust me it is a lesson learned for her!

So we boarded within 45 minutes despite long lines and Jan being a trouble maker! lol

We then found our cabin (again…..see the cabin by using the link above) this is a large ship! We had  to walk from where we boarded Forward and go to our cabin which was alllllllll the way aft! Carrying some very heavy items!  You can take soda on board as long as it is in cans. No bottles of water. Oh and you can take a bottle of wine too! Only on Embark day, all 21+ passengers may carry on a bottle of wine or champagne.  Heavy…..

We were in cabin 2745 img_3177 it was an interior aft cabin. This cabin is noisy! No two ways about it. There were times I knew if someone was not a seasoned cruiser the noises would have scared them to death! It sounded like the ship was tore in two! lol  We were hearing the engines and when they would turn the thrusters on, boy was it loud. Jan felt it was a very bumpy ride, I definitely could feel it, I didn’t mind that part. I would not want this cabin again just because, if I am going to do an interior I want a nicer location. This was my first interior cabin, I usually book balconies. I do prefer balconies, but if I had to get an interior to go on a cruise…interior it is!  Yes, I love to cruise!

So after we dropped off the heavy carry on bags, we took off to explore a little bit. The atrium on the Breeze is very pretty. It is unlike other Carnival ships I have been on.

It is very understated for a Carnival ship! If the over the top glitz and colors of a Carnival ship do not appeal to you, then I recommend the Breeze. The atrium on a ship is usually the gathering place, and the place to have a drink and listen to live music. The Breeze is no exception to this rule. And on some nights they even had Violin players… was quite beautiful!

We grabbed ourselves some food at Blue Iguana! Did I mention this is Jan’s first Carnival cruise?  She loved Blue Iguana and Guy’s. But I do think she was more partial to Blue Iguana.  So the crowds on this ship are not nearly as bad as I was afraid they might be! I had been watching some vlogs leading up to the cruise (I like to know where I am going) and there were some crazy crowds. But I can honestly say that we did not have long lines anywhere the entire week! Walk right up to get pizza…..right up for guys and Iguana’s! That is a first for me!

Speaking of Pizza……img_2345 this is what is left of our Quatro Formaggi… they now deliver pizza for a $5 fee, anywhere on the ship! I had to test that and guess what? It works! We were up on deck 11 aft Starboard side and viola they found me and had a fresh pizza!  It took about 20 minutes to get it…..from the time I used the app to order the pizza!  OH and if you do not have the app, download it, it is a lifesaver! Well, okay, maybe that is a little dramatic!! But I used the heck out of the HUB.  Just look for the Carnival HUB. By the way, if you are not familiar with Carnival pizza….it is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!  My hubby and I have been on 19 cruises over 5 different cruise line, we recently went over our favorite pizza- winner Carnival (we both agree) The loser, I hate to say it because I love this cruise line, but yep….Disney has terrible pizza! I am not a huge pizza fan, I do not eat Disney’s (yes, I have tried it) but I eat Carnivals every time!

Dinner in the main dining room that evening was okay, first nights always seem a little off. And it was. Let’s see….pictures of dinner? Sorry but they are sideways….lol  I didn’t turn them before adding…oops! The onion rings were okay…..nothing was that hot! I do not even think Jan finished them. My spring rolls were cold (they are served cold) and were not good,  that may be subjective more than actual food being bad. The melting cake was so good (as usual) that we had it every night! lol  Surprised?

We turned in rather early this first night. Sleeping in an interior cabin is rather nice! It is very dark! If you like dark, well this cabin is for you! I actually did not mind the cabin at all and my roommate was great! So we had the makings of a great week so far!  I plan on getting up early tomorrow to see the sunrise!  Hope you will come back to see what we get up to and of course see more of the beautiful Carnival Breeze!

Thanks for reading!

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