Disney Tip of the Day

tables in wonderland

Tables in Wonderland

What is it?:  A discount card  for dining at Disney World.

Who can purchase it?:  DVC members, Pass holders and Florida residents.

What are the benefits?: 20% discount on dining (including alcohol) at more than 100 dining establishments at Disney World.  Complimentary valet parking at resorts and parks for the purpose of dining. <——- this is my favorite perk!!  You will also receive other special dining offers and invitations to special dining events.

Where to purchase it?: Guest services at any of the four parks.

Cost: $175 Florida residents, $150 AP Holders and DVC members.

Worth mentioning– The discount is good for up to 10 people and that includes the card holder.  Also….. the card is not transferable, your name must be on the card, even if you are the spouse of the card holder.  You can purchase an additional card for your spouse for $50

If you have any questions please leave a comment!  Want more info on booking your Disney vacation (or a cruise!?) give me a call! And have a great day!


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