My “Why”……..

The other day a viewer on my channel said something to me that pretty much summed up my “why” for having a YouTube channel! Here is what she said-
“I love how you walk through and detail everything. I have never been on a cruise but would love to try You show the ship in great detail especially for someone like me who’s never been on one. I look forward to the rest of your trip.”
I started watching YouTube videos to learn what a ship looked like and where I might want my cabin located (and tips on where to eat on boarding day or on Sea Day…etc…) and quickly learned that the “ship tour” professional type of videos did not really help me out. The ones that helped me get a real sense of the ship were the vloggers. But there just were not enough cabin tours! LOL
Anyway, I decided to start vlogging in hopes that my “walking around the ship” showing detail and just letting the camera “hang out” with us would help people learn how to get around a ship before they board; and maybe just be a little more comfortable with cruising. So hearing her say this really made me feel good. YouTube is brutal, you open yourself up to such criticism! And unwanted judgement! But it is worth it if I am helping someone!
I hope you can see past the ammeter videography and just see the ships…..
My YouTube channel…..

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