Cruising! Signs of the Future?

As sad as 2020 has been for us all, more so for some, I think we are all ready for 2021! I know I can not wait to get it started.

How many cruises have you had canceled this year? I have had 3 canceled, I know some have had more!

So looking ahead to 2021 and hopefully brighter days; how many cruises do you have booked? I have three and they are all group cruises! Although we have four group cruises, I will only be on three of them! I will list the dates and ships below- please DM me if you want to book a cabin with us!

The #1 question I get these days is “when do you think cruising will resume?” and I say…when it is safe and makes sense! I know that is not a great answer! Let me say there are some things that I see which makes me feel like it will be sooner than a lot of folks think it will be. I keep hearing people say 2021 is going to be a “no sail” year ! I do not agree. I do think when cruising resumes it will look different than it has in the past. I think, just my opinion, once we start sailing again it is possible we will start on a small scale. We may have had a glimpse already from Carnival back in June (?) when they said once they resume it would be limited ships and limited ports. I feel when we start again North America will stay in NA and Europe in Europe…for a while. It will be easier to control, easier to implement, easier to convince those who make the decisions about when we resume operations (CDC) that this is possible.

Anyway, it is just my thought but I do think, even though Cunard and Princess today announced they are extending their pause in operations through May 2021, that cruises will resume sooner than some fear. Here is the thing….. Cunard does a lot of TA cruises and Princess canceled 2 ships…. their World cruise ships…..kind of supports my line of thinking, don’t you think? Again…just my opinion! And I am just going to go on thinking this way! It is much more pleasurable than the alternative! ~ Happy Sailing (someday hopefully soon!)

Group Cruises 2021 (each cruise carries perks that may differ from cruise to cruise)

Feb 1, 2021 | Departs Mobile, AL | Carnival Sensation | 5 Days | Cozumel & Progresso

Feb 28, 2021 | Departs Port Canaveral, FL | MSC Seaside | 5 Days | Ocean Cay & Nassau

May 15, 2021 | Departs Seattle, WA | Princess Emerald | 7 days | Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Ketchikan & Victoria

Sept 11, 2021 | Departs Port Canaveral, FL | Carnival Mardi Gras | 7 Days | San Juan, Amber Cove & Grand Turk

I will be on the Feb 1, Feb 28th and Sept 11th cruises! If you see me say “hi!” if you need help with a booking;please let me know!

I Love Cruising…..

I have had a love for cruising since my first cruise in 2004. My very first cruise was aboard Norwegian Dream, a now defunked cruise ship that at the time of our sailing was old, it was only to be around for a year or two more at that point.

But what did I know? It was my first and I was quickly in love. One thing I learned from that cruise was to NOT tell new cruisers that the ship they are on, or the line they are cruising, is not that great! If I found myself in this situation I think I would practice the golden rule of “If you have nothing nice to say- say nothing at all” When we first cruised we were with about 50 of our friends, including my parents, and almost all of them were repeat cruisers. They were so quick to tell us novices that the cruise we were experiencing was subpar to their own past experiences. I remember feeling very put out by this repeated information! I did not know whether this cruise was among the best, or worst, since I had nothing to compare it to. There was a lot of “Royal Caribbean is so much better” and “you don’t know this but this cruise STINKS!” being said! hahaha I did not appreciate it and felt they were blemishing my experience with their biased remarks. I wanted to form my own opinions and would have appreciated a clean slate to start with! But it did not ruin our experience, I always say a cruise is what we make of it!! We had a fantastic time! It was simply amazing! In the end I feel sorry for those that found fault with everything about this ship! Obviously we had the better time!

I do not have pictures from that first cruise, I didn’t get a FB account until 2009 so…….I have pics somewhere but where? Come on! We moved to Florida and I fear they are still in a box somewhere! I know that is bad since we will have been here 3 years this October! But I have been busy cruising!

I do have pictures from our next cruise which was a Disney cruise in 2009 aboard the Wonder.

Disney Wonder March 2009
Once you enter the terminal in Port Canaveral
The Flying Dutchman at Disney’s private island Castaway Cay

After this cruise we were hooked. We began cruising yearly. Now 11 years, 25 cruises and 7 cruise lines later……I would say we are experienced. And I hope I never tell a novice that their first cruise is subpar! I want everyone to love cruising as much as I do! I must help the ship put their best foot forward!

I love talking about cruising so much so that I created a YouTube channel. If you have been around here for any amount of time you probably know this. My channel is simply called Cruising with Christine! That link will take you to my newest vlog! I have 18 Playlists with different cruise ships/lines that we have sailed on. I recently did my first solo sailing! Yes, that is in there too! Look for Mariner of the Seas solo cruise!

Thanks for allowing me to ramble on about cruising and how much I love it. I can’t wait for cruising to resume! This pandemic has taken a huge toll on all of us ! It has been very hard on the cruise industry! I for one am looking forward to my next cruise! Fingers crossed that it happens! When is your next cruise?

We are the Warriors

We are the warriors who have brought cruising into the 21st century! We are the ones who have fought long and hard to show travelers what cruising is and is not. We have helped to turn an industry into the powerhouse that it is today. Bringing joy and adventure to families, couples and singles all over the world.

And we, the loyal warriors, will be here when you return. We are waiting, not necessarily patiently, to cross your gangways once again! Here’s to the ocean warriors. The cruisers. I can’t wait to meet you on the open water once again- soon!

Until then let’s all lounge in our hot tub, bath tub or kiddy pool…. have our cabana staff (husband) serve us our favorite cruise day drink and relax as we dream of being on our favorite ship or island dreaming the day away! Happy sailing!